MELIBEA is a directory and an estimator of institutional open-access (OA) policies regarding scientific and academic outputs. As a directory, it describes the existing policies. As a estimator, it subjects them to qualitative and quantitative analyses based on fulfilment of a set of indicators that reflect the statments of an institutional policy.

Based on the values assigned to a set of indicators, weighted according to their importance, the estimator indicates a score and a percentage of fulfilment for each policy analyzed. The sum of weighted values of each indicator is converted to a percentage scale to give what we have called the “estimated open-access percentage”, calculated as explained in the Methodology section.

The types of institution analyzed include academic and research institutions, and funders.

MELIBEA has three main objectives:

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Dulcinea, BuscaRepositorios y Melibea son productos del grupo de investigación "Acceso abierto a la ciencia". CSO2014-52830-P.