National Institute for Health Research (NIHR, 2007-2014)

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Name: National Institute for Health Research (NIHR, 2007-2014)
Type: Funder
Institution/funder website: http://www.nihr.ac.uk
Country: United Kingdom
Open Access policy: Requirement
Policy link: http://www.nihr.ac.uk/policy-and-standards/nihr-policy-on-open-access-for-its-funded-research.htm
Effective date from: 2007-04-01
Open Access, how?: Green route (deposit in repositories), Gold route (recommend OA journal publication)
Can requirement be waived by funder?: No waiver on deposit; case-based waiver on immediate OA
Exemptions....(text extracted from the policy): "...When a researcher informs the DH or the NIHR of the wish to publish a paper in a journal that is unwilling to agree either to author/institution-ownership of copyright, or to deposition in UKPMC within six months, the DH or NIHR may grant permission for the author to submit the paper for publication in such a journal..."
Scope of policy?: Whole or partial funding
Funder pays for publication fees: Yes (charged by direct or indirect costs)
What must be deposited?: Articles
Versions of papers that may/must be deposited: Author's peer-reviewed final draft, Publisher's version of record
When are accepted peer-reviewed papers to be deposited?: As soon as possible
Duration of permissible embargo prior papers being made freely available: 6 months after publication
Copyright reservation (funders): Retain copyright whenever is possible
Copyright terms...(text extracted from the policy): "... The DH and the NIHR strongly encourage authors to publish in journals that allow them (or their institutions) to retain ownership of the copyright. 5. If author/institution-ownership of copyright is not permitted by the publisher, authors should publish in journals that permit deposition of; the published paper in UKPMC within six months of publication..."
Where to archive?: Central or subject repository, Institutional repository
Name of specified archive: UK PubMed Central
URL of specified archive: http://ukpmc.ac.uk/
Q4. Open Access policyRequirement2
Q8. Can requirement be waived by funder?No waiver on deposit; case-based waiver on immediate OA1.5
Q11. Scope of policy?Whole or partial funding2
Q12. Funder pays for publication feesYes (charged by direct or indirect costs)1
Q16. Versions of papers that may/must be depositedAuthor's peer-reviewed final draft0.8
Publisher's version of record0.8
Q17. When are accepted peer-reviewed papers to be deposited?As soon as possible0.5
Q18. Duration of permissible embargo prior papers being made freely available6 months after publication-0.5
Q19. Copyright reservation (funders)Retain copyright whenever is possible1
Q25. Are there any type of monitoring actions to check compliance with the policy ( if yes, check any if apply)Retain copyright whenever is possible
P: 1.405
(OA%) Funder = 100*1.405/1.973.9

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