Canadian Cancer Society (CCS)

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Name: Canadian Cancer Society (CCS)
Type: Funder
Institution/funder website: http://cancer.ca/research/?sc_lang=en
Country: Canada
Open Access policy: Requirement
Policy link: http://www.cancer.ca/research/policies%20and%20administration/policy/open%20access.aspx?sc_lang=en
Effective date from: 2009-07-01
Open Access, how?: Green route (deposit in repositories), Gold route (recommend OA journal publication)
Can requirement be waived by funder?: No waiver on deposit but immediate OA
Exemptions....(text extracted from the policy): "Researchers are able to submit their work to a journal that does not support public availability within six months of the publication date. The Canadian Cancer Society does not wish to compromise the ability of researchers to publish in high-impact journals. However, researchers must inform the Canadian Cancer Society of this limitation and the paper must be made freely available as soon as possible."
Scope of policy?: Whole or partial funding
Funder pays for publication fees: Yes (charged by direct or indirect costs)
What must be deposited?: Articles
Versions of papers that may/must be deposited: Publisher's version of record
When are accepted peer-reviewed papers to be deposited?: As soon as possible
Duration of permissible embargo prior papers being made freely available: 6 months after publication
Where to archive?: Central or subject repository
Name of specified archive: PubMed
URL of specified archive: http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov
Q4. Open Access policyRequirement2
Q8. Can requirement be waived by funder?No waiver on deposit but immediate OA1
Q11. Scope of policy?Whole or partial funding2
Q12. Funder pays for publication feesYes (charged by direct or indirect costs)1
Q16. Versions of papers that may/must be depositedPublisher's version of record0.8
Q17. When are accepted peer-reviewed papers to be deposited?As soon as possible0.5
Q18. Duration of permissible embargo prior papers being made freely available6 months after publication-0.5
Q19. Copyright reservation (funders)6 months after publication
Q25. Are there any type of monitoring actions to check compliance with the policy ( if yes, check any if apply)6 months after publication
P: 1.215
(OA%) Funder = 100*1.215/1.963.9

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